Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre

Arts & Culture

Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre is the newest Unit of the Serenbe Institute. Terminus is a collective of five classically trained principal dancers that have 85-years professional experience performing locally, nationally, and abroad.  The founding name, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre (TMBT), is a recognition of Atlanta as, both the city they call home and a cultural intersection where people and influences come together to create a unique and vibrant place.  TMBT is also a recognition of the artists' individual experiences coming together to form a dance company unique in character, style, and artistic voice—by bringing together ballet and modern influences for the creation of new theatrical dance works.

Terminus believes in the human language of Dance as our artistic medium.  The artists desire to Create an environment of ideas and innovation.  They aim to Educate new generations of audiences, dance artists, and creative thinkers. 

For more information, visit the Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre website.